What An Opportunity


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Gentlemen of Sport is the brainchild of 20-somethings Akanimo Akpan, Andrew Moser, and Aaron Mansfield. The three became close friends in 2005 when they surprised their competition and made their high school’s varsity basketball team; Akpan and Moser were sophomores and Mansfield was a freshman.

The trio survived that hellish season – going 2-17, running innumerable suicides, and being on the brink of tears every day – and two more together. Their bond and love for sports continue to this day.

Today they are college students – each owning a radically different point of view – with a whole lot on their minds. This website is where their thoughts on sports, popular culture, women, and life come to fruition. Dialogue is invited.

Buckle in.


Aaron Mansfield – Bio, Resume, & Contact Info / Twitter

Andrew Moser – Bio, Resume, & Contact Info / Twitter

Akanimo Akpan – Bio, Resume, & Contact Info


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