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Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

In Culture on April 11, 2012 at 8:52 pm




Often, as I sit in movie theaters, I find myself wondering why movies have to try so hard. Are we as moviegoers really so boorish that we cannot enjoy anything that isn’t sensational, overdramatic, or altogether unrealistic? Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy Transformers and superhero movies as much as the next guy, but I like to think of my tastes as developed. As a result, I sometimes find myself craving something that caters to a little deeper part of my sensibilities, moves me to feel beyond my base urges, or even (gasp) makes me think. I think these inclinations are the reason that I really enjoyed the movie I saw this weekend – Salmon Fishing in the Yemen. The film is pretty well explained by its title. There aren’t a whole lot of bells and whistles to it, and no special effects to speak of; it’s just a straightforward human interest story (maybe this has something to do with it being British… I’m not sure). After it ended, I was not moved to stand up and applaud, or exclaim “That’s the best movie I’ve ever seen!” to anyone, but my friend and I looked at each other, nodded, and just said, . It wasn’t anything grandiose, and it didn’t move fast. But I think movies often move at such a breakneck speed that we miss the characters. Salmon Fishing does the opposite, playing to its strengths by emphasizing its characters. Emily Blunt is great – I consistently walk out of her movies thinking she’s one of the most talented young actresses I’ve seen – and Ewan McGregor plays a remarkably endearing, nerdy biologist. Amr Waked is lovable, and Kristin Scott Thomas is a dynamic presence onscreen. In my opinion, these performances make this movie worth seeing. Don’t take my recommendation to go see Salmon Fishing, then complain that you were bored; know in advance that to really enjoy this movie, you have to open up your mind and be ready to engage. And I contend that maybe there is a certain beauty in that.

  1. Killing two birds with 1 stone here Moser, my hipster celebrity crush is Emily Blunt. Also great opinion here, I concure with your argument, intellectually stimulating movies are underrated. Good work sir.

  2. I’ll definitely check it out! I really like those kinds of movies 😀

  3. Living in Southern India we sometimes miss news about current cinema (unless it’s Bollywood of course!) Thanks for posting about this one, it looks wonderful. Kudos to the 3 of you for doing a fine job here.

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