What An Opportunity

Clear as day.

In Life on April 12, 2012 at 4:10 am

Pink littered the kindergarten room.

Hearts hung from the ceiling.

It was valentine’s day.


And even the little kids knew that this made up holiday meant something.

The teacher had all the little kids make a card for their valentine.

There was a lot of “I luv you”.

Words that would mean so much more when they could actually spell them correctly.


But now came the fun part as they were all going around the room giving them out.

As the teacher walked around the room, she stopped by him.

He wasn’t drawing anything.

He didn’t have a piece of paper out.

He quietly sat at his desk, waiting.

The teacher inquired,

“”Where’s your card?””


He got up and walked over to a little girl’s desk.

The little girl looked up with a smile waiting for a card or some chocolate or a hug.

He stood there for a little bit.

Everyone started to notice.


Finally, perhaps feeling all the little eyes on him,

He stuttered,

‘I…I can’t…draw. or write real good.

So I got you this.’

He handed her a postcard from Arizona of the Grand Canyon.


‘My mommy and daddy got this for me when they went there.

and I want you to have it.

I know this isn’t as cool as your other stuff and i know it doesn’t say it on there but…’

He paused,

And pointing to the great schism said,

‘I…I love you this big.’


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