What An Opportunity

Keep you right.

In Life on April 12, 2012 at 4:45 am

Remember that day.

You wore a yellow sundress under a powder blue sky.

You smiled like you found your favorite childhood toy after cleaning your room

And you were looking at me.

And I knew that there wasn’t a lot I could do about how I felt about you.

I was gonna love you regardless.

Remember those times.

When i deserved much less than what you gave.

When we chose to be apart even when it hurt to do so.

We promised that this would not be it.

That we would fight tooth and nail.

I guess I say all this because it’s all a little different now.

I feel lost without you here.

The rain falls a little slower now.

You were a comet.

A brilliant flash of phenomena.

You left traces of joy, happiness, and contentment behind the wonderful person that you are.

So these flowers are for you.

The moss is starting to grow across your name.

And this never gets any easier.

But I promised that i would be here.

If this cancer took you from me, i promised i would be there regardless.

Because I love you regardless of whether my eyes can see you.

And I’ll be back next week to keep you company.

Because I promised to always keep you right.

  1. So sadly beautiful and immensely wonderful.

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