What An Opportunity


In Life, Sports on April 12, 2012 at 5:44 am


He came to his senses, as if awakened by the sound of his own rubber soles on the asphalt.

The quiet neighborhood passed swiftly on both sides. How long had he been running? A long time, judging by his sweat-soaked T-shirt.

Not to mention his location. He shook his head, trying to shake the cobwebs loose, to get his bearings.

That was a common theme these days. It seemed as if he was always thrown off kilter, his usual pattern disturbed by some unknown force.

Not unknown as in unidentified… he knew exactly what it was. But it was mysterious, and unfamiliar. As if it was a magic too deep for him to understand.

And that magic drew him powerfully tonight, even as he ran with no fatigue; he had no conscious path determined, yet an unquestioned destination awaited.

He didn’t know why he was going there. He had told God that he was letting this go. Was tonight’s journey a step in the right direction, or the wrong?

Was he running to forget, or to remember? He didn’t know… he would let God take care of that. At least he was running.

Sitting still would make him go crazy. Or was he already crazy? Yup. The magic was going to his head again.

No sane person would be doing this, especially at 1 a.m. But it felt so good, so freeing. At the core, he just wanted to be free.

Free from these doubts and insecurities, free from the fear of squandered potential, free to pour out, unrestrained, all that lay within his heart.

He sat down on the grass and pondered these things. Just thinking about them made him feel better.

And, of course, so did running. So he got up and began the trek back home.

  1. Great writing man. Thanks for popping in on my blog. I really enjoyed the few post I read. Made me want to go for a run in the rain.

  2. Thanks for the inspiration! I’ve always loved running the best; the afterglow is amazing! My left foot and right ankle have diverted me a bit lately, but I’m praying for healing. ( : Keep up the good work!

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