What An Opportunity

The walls are closing in

In Life on April 12, 2012 at 4:21 pm


Please don’t look at me with such disdain. I haven’t always been this way.

Allow me to explain myself, the road I traveled to reach today.

I used to be a healthy man. I swear to you, I did!

I lived between two distant walls, never affecting the way I lived.

I moved around easily, back then I was a freem’n.

I’d think of the walls from time to time, but I could hardly even see ’em.

Sure, I heard rumors of men who between their walls had found themselves stuck.

But the way I saw it, they were just good people given a stroke of bad luck.

Still everyone told me I was wrong; those men were the worst of the worst!

If you get stuck between your walls, you certainly deserve to be cursed.

Not that it really mattered to me.

At fourteen, I made my first compromise.

A woman walks by me and covers her son’s eyes.

At that age, I picked up a cigarette. everyone was doing it. nothing to be ashamed of.

Now an hour doesn’t pass that I don’t start to crave one.

I put on some weight, but things could’ve been much worse.

Obviously, a little tobacco wouldn’t lead me into a hearse.

At sixteen, again I compromised. The bottle became my friend.

I grew bigger. I was bigger than most men, but clearly a little liquor wouldn’t bring about my end.

A few years later, my list of problems is quite a bit longer.

Back in the day, my will was just so much stronger.

Pretty soon, I was the biggest man in the city.

I was no longer active, and I was no longer pretty.

The distance between the walls was quickly getting thinner.

I couldn’t help myself. In a city of bad men, I was the sinner of all sinners.

I think you can fill in the blanks. Here we are today. No turning back. No moving at all.

I am stuck, and I will die, a cursed man trapped between his walls.

  1. Powerful writing, to accompany a powerful image, thanks for bring that to us!

  2. This…was awesome. I loved the cadence and the story. Well done!

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