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The beauty of sport.

In Sports on April 22, 2012 at 2:05 am

There are so many reasons to love sports (Feel free to leave your favorite reasons in the comments section).

And there are many reasons that sports are beautiful. But I want to talk about “that one moment”.

“That one moment”, or TOM, is the ratio of “DID YOU JUST SEE THAT?!?!” to watching time. So for example, american football has a  relatively low TOM because of the amount of things that occur (hits, runs, catches, etc.) versus watching time. Soccer, on the other hand, has a relatively high TOM because of the long periods of comparative inaction surrounding moments of pure athletic wonder.

If there was an index, it would look something like this:

High to low

1) Golf

2) Soccer

3) Baseball

4) Hockey

5) Football

6) Basketball

So with the TOM in mind, it has been great to be able to watch sports recently. With playoff hockey in full swing and playoff basketball around the corner, the TOM meter has been put aside. There have been more than enough moments to get excited about. However, as a fan of baseball and soccer, it can be a little more…difficult. So this past week has sent my TOM meter out-of-whack.

#1: Ronaldo and Messi make La Liga defenses look like Swiss cheese…full of holes.

Let’s be honest: These two are the best soccer players on the planet right now (all apologies to Pele and his affection for Neymar). Their individual teams are immensely talented but their consistent dominance cannot be denied. Their record goal race was much more intriguing than McGwire vs. Sosa especially in hindsight (That is my personal opinion and is probably more of a question of what is harder to do: hit a home run or score a goal in soccer?). So to have soccer, #2 in TOM, have these two be such ambassadors of the game is pure joy. Not to say that other soccer teams don’t have wonderful moments but watching Barcelona create an attack from their backfield, through the middle of the field, on to the forwards, back to midfielder, and through to a runner for a goal all in a fluid 45 sec. sequence is all that I could ask for.

#2: The Humber Games…yes, I stole it from ESPN.com but you have to admit that’s clever.

Baseball, #3 in TOM, does have it’s moments. From home runs, to great outfield catches, and infield plays, baseball delivers (kind of). But is there anything more “DID YOU JUST SEE THAT?!?!’ than a perfect game? There had only been 20 in history, before today. A relative unknown, unless you’re on the South Side of Chicago, Phil Humber threw a dominant perfect game. He threw less than 100 pitches and had a ridiculous amount of thrown strikes. While watching basketball with some friends, we saw the update on the ESPN ticker and I wanted to watch it immediately (Remember, #3 in  TOM). That did not happen. My friend brought up a good point: If he’s in the 9th inning, we’ll find it. Sure enough, he makes it to the 9th inning and we switch over. 3 outs, and a very cool team moment later, and the channel was back to basketball.

So does TOM matter? I think it does. I think there is something to be said for those moments. Because of the continuous build-up, you feel more keyed in to the little things. The instances that they would put on replay, you were attentive enough to notice. So when there is finally a breakthrough, you find yourself fully immersed in it.

Just hope that the moment was for your team.

  1. Is high good or bad in your world?

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