What An Opportunity


In Life on May 4, 2012 at 3:49 am

You stood in that empty house,

That only held half of what made it a home,

When the heavy clouds came across the sky.


And when the destructive wind and rain came,

You were left standing with your pride

As the house was torn in two.


As the pictures and memories were ripped into the gray scene,

Only a tear streamed down your face as you watched nature take its course.

The loud gales swirled the pieces of your lives as you stood still on the foundation.

The window panes were not enough…

Not enough for the pain that you felt now


Because only a tear could fall from your eyes…

Because the storm passed over you…

Because you stood your ground…

Because it never occurred to you that you were not invulnerable…

Because it never occurred to you that maybe the broken pieces that were your home devastated anothers safe place…

Because a singular thought haunts your every moment:

All you needed would never be enough for you.

  1. Awesome writing, and that photography–amazing!

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