What An Opportunity

I’ll get along.

In Life on September 1, 2012 at 4:27 am

Creatures of happenstance and circumstance.

Is that all we are? For in those certain moments, we were nothing more than mortals collapsing under the immense weight of the many events we could not control.


“Stand for something or you’ll fall for anything”

As if anything is ever that clear?

What, in my opinion, automatically refutes your contrary observation?

Where do rational discourse and belief collide?


Life is lived one day at a time.

24 hours. No more. No less.

How we live days ahead of ourselves and yet have no time today.

24 hours. No more. No less.


And in those days, your mistakes are something you once wanted.

And pretending otherwise is disastrous.


So with those laughs from that one time,

The love in my heart: for Him, her, them, and those bros,

Contentment that knows only the boundaries I give it,

Gratitude that must flow infinitely,

And the immeasurable items that I am blessed with,

I’ll get along just fine with the music in my ears and the view from under this tree.

  1. Just a thought…
    I have been planning for 2 weeks to entertain 2 visitors this weekend. This visit only lasted for 24 hours and part of those sleeping. Now it is over. But they were wonderful hours of friendship and love. Well worth the plan and anticipation.

    My thought is to always look forward to something. Live today and enjoy .. but dream and plan for tomorrow.

  2. The first statement “Stand for something or you’ll fall for anything” really struck me the most. As a matter of fact in today’s chaotic world we keeping adding more chaos without understaning the value of time… Your post helped me identify the need to be content with the blessings received…

    have an amazing day ahead!! 🙂

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