What An Opportunity


In Life on December 28, 2012 at 4:18 pm


Winsome array of pigment on leaves

She holds her hand on her first day of school

Laughter in the activities that bring us together


Beginning snow, through the glass, close to the flame

Satiated hunger…a place of warmth for him before walking the streets again

Anticipation pulling the child towards the chimney on the twenty-fourth day


Paths taken in light rain

Swallow’s song that gently lands in the ear and accompanies the heavy clouds

Flashes of the aureate and flavescent


The most wonderful shade of blue

The mess of ice cream before her mother takes notice

Walking through those fields of flowers in full bloom


That which persuades your heart

That which captures your wonder

That which makes you consider how you ever got along without…


That, which tugs at the strength of eternity, is beauty.


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