What An Opportunity

Thank you.

In Life on January 15, 2013 at 11:30 pm

“This is Jeopardy!” the television murmured in the living room.

She stood over the kitchen sink as she placed the last dish on the rack.

“Want me to dry?”

Her heart skipped a beat. Old age can do that to you.


“Oh, Sam…you scared me half to death. I thought you were sleeping.”

The television flickered and she pulled her sweater closer to her chest.

“So sorry, my dear. The offer is still on the table.”

“You might as well.” she responded.

She took a seat as he grabbed the dish towel in his hands and began to wipe the dishes dry.


“You know…”

“I know you didn’t need help,” he interjected. “I just wanted to do something nice for you.”

“Well, thank you.” she responded as she sat at the kitchen table and watched him.

“You talk to the kids, lately?”

She was lost in her thoughts.

“The kids…uh…yes. Just the other day. They grow up so fast.”

He continued to dry as she talked.


“I guess he’s worried about his future and what will happen to his family. I keep telling him, ‘Growing up is not giving up .’ Doesn’t want to listen.”

“Wonder where he gets that from?”

“Nobody asked you, Samuel.”

She was not impressed by his wit but she could hear the satisfaction in his tone.


“Anyway,” she continued, “I keep telling him to not worry about the things that seem less important these days. It happens. Part of growing up. When you get to my age, it’s funny what seems trivial and unnecessary.”

“Woefully self-aware as always, my love.”

“Thank you, Samuel. I know there’s a compliment in there somewhere.”

The light flickered above the kitchen table as he smiled as he hung up the dish towel. He sat with her and listened.


She spoke about the kids; their two boys and a girl. She talked about how the neighborhood had changed. She talked about the local college team and how those children dress these days. He listened. And smiled. And chuckled to himself.

“…Like I always say, ‘You can’t move on till you can accept where you are.”


“Exactly.” she answered.

“Oh look at the time, it’s almost 9. I must be getting to bed. Are you going to stay up, darling?”



He held her hands and looked her in the eyes.

“Sam…I know…”

The thoughts that had filled her head couldn’t leave her lips. As if, once they escaped her lips, they would be real.


“You passed many years ago,” she said as she touched his face.

“I miss you a little everyday. But He knows best. And your time here was over. Sometimes it is difficult knowing I los…”

“You never really lose anybody, my dear. Not as long as there is a God in heaven. You never lose anybody.”


He stood up from the table.

“My dear, let’s dance like we used to…”

And there, they danced as her memory of him began to fade.

“You are never alone, my love. Happy birthday.”

“Thank you. Thank you…”



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