What An Opportunity


In Life on January 29, 2013 at 8:05 pm

Let’s walk back in time

back to when she was less of a rhyme

and more or less the reason

that this apparatus would stop beating

just for a second


Back to the conversations on pillows

as the wind bent the willows

outside that window

and she let you see clear

through the pain and fear

to the eternity inside


Back to the perfect in imperfection

the school punishments without the lesson

the  “you know i’m just messin”

and that smile

or the times it went away

with the words you didn’t say

and the thoughts that brought the fray

and to this day,

can’t say that it mattered


Back to the double-take

and the crushes real and fake

and the things we give but can’t take

and the reasons why

and the “hi, my name is shy”

and this is not goodbye

and i promise you that


but we only go forward with time

yet, these choices are still mine


guess with age comes tries,

but im feeling old, and not very wise.



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