What An Opportunity

Never stop learning.

In Life on August 8, 2013 at 5:09 am

Thinking about you in my life makes me happy.

I think it’s the way you do things…I think.

(You think?)

Maybe it’s how strong you are for me.

(Nope. Not that.)

It’s probably how you were there for me

(Nope. Not that either.)

I know…it’s how we hang out.

(I don’t think so.)

Oh…it’s how overprotective I am of you. How much I care what happens to you.

(Naw. Not just that.)

Ok, it has to be Your guidance. grace. forgiveness. faith.

(Yea, it could be any one of those.)

So it’s none of the above?

(Of course, it’s all of those. But, what ties them together?)


It’s more selfish than that.

(Go on…)

Um…I think…um…

(Come on…)

Loving you makes me whole.

And, I never want to stop learning how to love you more.

(There you go)



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