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In Life on March 30, 2013 at 8:51 pm

finding norman.

Norman Smith is an understated man; not necessarily underwhelming but understated. A simple man. He likes what he likes and ignores what he doesn’t want to see. Yet, he couldn’t tell you what he actually likes. While we’re here, Norman couldn’t really tell you what he believes in either. Norman is an understated man…who does what he does whenever he does it.

So on an understated Sunday afternoon, our understated protagonist took a drive down a back country road. Norman couldn’t really tell you where he was going but he could tell you it felt right to leave for awhile. The most vibrant reds and yellows blurred as Norman’s vehicle sped down the open road. As the miles from home grew in number, Norman couldn’t help considering whether the distance between who he was and the person he wanted to be was quite simply much too far. As if the odometer would halt rolling numbers and spell out “failure”. When the GPS asked for a destination, could he answer “Self”?

Norman wondered where love went wrong. He had good intentions. Isn’t trying what separates love from divorce? That’s not how his ex-wife put it in court but Norman liked to think so. He didn’t always say it (he said it everyday) but he made sure to remind himself of what he was not. “Do I deserve any of the good things that happen to me?” That lasted for a bit. Then to counter this conscious medication, Norman would recount his triumphs and delve into fantasies around his ability. Manual bipolarism, if you will. He had good intentions.

Norman drove till the sun began to set. He pulled over to side of the road when he found a knoll to admire the sun take its rest. Sometimes it’s the simplest things that remind us of how delicate this life is. Norman just enjoyed the sunset in his own way. He didn’t want to be anywhere else.

The nature of humanity is a drive to find what fulfills our spirit

and a hunger for an atmosphere where that fulfillment is consistent.

We are that which makes us whole. And nothing more.

Under the weight of the ideals we set for ourselves,

Let us be that which we wish to see.

That which makes us smile, brings out the best in us,

That which sets an example.

In our ambition, let us leave room for what is most important.

In our belief, may we be the better people.

In our love, may actions be words.