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Everything in transit.

In Culture on August 1, 2012 at 10:14 pm


You matter.

You matter. Your feelings matter. Your opinion matters. People care about you. You matter to someone and something. You matter.

Sometimes it feels like everything moves so fast. There are thousands of voices that seem to drown out whatever was going to escape your lips. And sometimes, it seems like those voices are coming from inside of your own head.

So we try to scream above the noise. We try to show how individual and unique we are. Yet, we seem to do that in the same way everybody else is showing they’re an individual. We get further lost in the shuffle. Like life is a game and we are losing.

Maybe this is because we want to matter. We want to know someone cares. On the basest of levels, we want to know that the things we do have an effect. That we had an impact on something. That in a world that can seem like an arbitrary existence, we controlled something. And other people noticed.

But if that’s all a game, what would happen if we just walked away from the board? We are so blessed. If you are able to read this, you have been blessed with internet access or a means of getting to internet access. You are blessed to have a computer, or any other electronic device, in front of you. There are so many things in your life that you know are truly amazing. They may not be overly significant to the masses but they are important and sufficient in your life. We are blessed. And not just with stuff. We are blessed with people.

Why does the focus have to be on us? How we feel? And why do we feel so bad about almost everything that pertains to us and look at almost everything else with such cynicism and trepidation? Would it be so bad if we told people we appreciate them and thank them for just being themselves? Would it take too long to listen to another point of view before voicing our opinions? Life moves quickly. The greatest human invention was a means of keeping time and somehow we don’t seem to have enough. Why don’t we change that? Does respect take too long?

Because when it’s all a blur of self-centered “individuality”, everything gets lost in whatever we want others to see us as. So please, let’s all take some time out to just look at life. Slow down. Take a step back and survey the life that you are blessed to have. Think of five things you are thankful for and find a way to show some appreciation. Take everything in transit.

Because the people in our lives matter. The things we have matter. The blessings we have matter. And maybe most importantly, you matter.

Treat others the way you would like to be treated.