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8 (not so) simple rules…

In Culture, Life, Women on April 13, 2012 at 7:46 pm

Haven’t been on earth for a long time but I have noticed some things:

Uno: Waking up on a Saturday morning with nothing to do that day is one of the best feelings on the planet.

Dos: Conversations with someone where there isn’t an awkward pause in the natural ebb and flow of words except to laugh or ponder is something you should never let go of

Tres: Holding back a fart is really not (read: never) worth it in the end

I have also noticed some “rules” that go into any relationship with the opposite sex. I will admit that I have not always been the best, and I have multitudes of things to work on, but there are certain things a young man should remember when being with a girl:

#1: Listen.

Listen. Actively listen. Listen with the purpose to contribute. For no other reason than to listen. Do it. Seriously. Moving on…

#2: Remember.

Remember the little things. Remember the big things. It shows you care.

#3: Forgive.

She’s not perfect. Moreover, you’re not perfect. Take the time to forgive. Take some time to yourself and remind yourself of why you are here.

#4: Be sincere and honest.

Be who you are. Not what she wants or what she needs but who you are. This might be the hardest because who we are is not the projections of what we want others t0 see. But sincerity can go a long way. Sincerity in all things allows you to see the whole picture. With sincerity comes honesty and with honesty comes truth. Isn’t truth a good foundation for love?

#5: Be a loser.

Don’t be afraid to lose. Don’t be afraid to lose a fight, lose some pride, or lose something you want. Sometimes we think that we just need to stand up this one time, and sometimes you do, but most of the time it’s an excuse to win. To be known as the winner. And all that gets you is a very hollow victory.

#6: Talk.

For some reason, it’s a true measure of masculinity not to talk. As if you really don’t have something on your mind. Talk to her. She should be willing to listen. And talking makes listening a million times easier.

#7: She likes you.

She likes you. Say it with me: “She likes me.” Now say it slowly: “She…likes…me.” Now say it in an English acc…I’m getting off-track. Look, she’s into you. Don’t forget that.

#8: Treat her with respect.

This can manifest itself in many ways. From her mind to her body and everything in between. Treat her with respect even when you disagree and it gets really hard not to.

We all mess this up. In fact, it’s inevitable no matter how hard you try. But one of the measures of a healthy relationship is a desire by both parties involved to work at all of these things.

God Bless.


Hipster celebrity crushes

In Culture, Women on April 10, 2012 at 10:30 pm

"Yes, Jennifer Connelly, you do indeed have a beautiful mind."

There are some celebrities all men agree on: Scarlett Johansson, J-Lo, Eva Mendes. That’s the boring list… because whether she’s top 25, top 10, or at the top of your personal list, it’s all pretty much the same for everyone. So I want to dig a little deeper here. Every man has that one celebrity who he likes way more than the average guy does (mine is Jennifer Connelly… if you disagree, go watch A Beautiful Mind and then tell me how you’ve seen the light). I say she’s my hipster celebrity crush – I knew she was spectacularly gorgeous before anyone else did. Who’s yours?